Saving Money Using Project Management Software

If you aren’t using project management software, chances are you are unnecessarily losing money. Start thinking about how each department works. Is there some way that you can simplify things for everyone while saving money? If you are thinking of switching to cloud-collaboration software, you can use it to replace a wide range of expensive systems.

With project management software you don’t have to pay for multiple software user licenses or expensive hardware that quickly eat into your budget. Project management software is great for file sharing and committee management. Without this software, businesses typically waste a lot of time going through emails and many, many meetings over the phone or in person to work out logistics and exchange information.

Collaboration can save your business by saving you money. It allows you to work better with external parties and clients. A lot of times, when collaborating with outside parties, there can be miscommunication and who has time for that? Time is money. This sort of software can cut meeting times, phone calls and many emails. Being able to do this could increase your productivity flow and ultimately your capital.

Luckily, online tools are now making teamwork easier and more efficient. Many businesses are afraid to make the switch to easier project management. Some of them feel more secure using old technologies such as email, conference calls, web conferencing and even texting. Many are reluctant to move to online collaboration because it’s new and it’s a new system to learn. They feel that keeping to a system that’s already in place is easier. Believe it or not, this reluctance can be hurting your business.

There are many reasons why failing to use effective collaboration tools could be costing you money.

Emails, meetings and time spent on the phone can seriously delay projects and ultimately cost you money. If you are a small company or a startup company, this might mean turning away new business.
There might be confusion and frustration that is caused by miscommunication. Any miscommunications can easily effect productivity and work quality.
If your freelancers charge by the hour, you could be losing money for every minute that they are trying to find buried documents or approvals.
If there are project delays because of the technologies that you are using, you can alienate your clients and possibly hinder long-term opportunities.
Hiring is difficult and even more so when you need team input from multiple people and there are rounds of interviews, emails and these can delay necessary hires. Using project management software can eliminate all of the confusion and it all becomes less time-consuming.
If your company has remote workers, perhaps they live in different countries or time zones, and this system will allow for easy communication amongst employees.
At times, accountability becomes a problem as team members find ways to blame logistical issues for their lack of productivity. With an online collaboration platform, you can see what your team members are doing and their productivity as they go along.

And how do they save you money?

Information is accessible and version-controlled. All documents and communication are in one place and up-to-date. You no longer have to find files.
You save time. No more lost emails or unanswered phone calls or long meetings. Using online collaboration can eliminate the confusion and time-consuming routines.
You’ll have fewer interruptions. If you have your notifications activated, you are probably constantly being bothered with emails. With project management software, you can turn off these emails and move to a platform where you can control vital messages.
There’s more accountability. In regards to deadlines, reports, communications and contributions, they are available to everyone. Project management software helps promote openness and integrity in the business. For a good productivity flow, you will want to encourage connections. People work better and more efficiently when they are noticed. Using this programme means that everything is out in the open and it allows colleagues to work together on ideas and documents and to hold each other accountable.
There is a centralised place for all documented discussions. You can use these tools to save discussions that need to be available for future reference. Often, emails get lost and it can cost money by wasting time. In project management software, such as Glasscubes, discussions can be saved and moved easily to a task so that action can be taken. These shared discussions also inspire innovation and encourage people to share ideas. This is great when you are directly working with team members on a certain project. Use this portion of the programme to brainstorm, share ideas, practices and related discussion.

If your business is just costing you too much money and you are looking to make budget cuts, consider project management software. With this software you don’t have to worry about all of the technologies that may or may not complicate things. With a collaboration platform you can control everything in one place. Use this software for file and document sharing, internal communication, time management, task management and much more.