Recent survey reveals 95% of bloggers in the UK earning less than a tenner a month

The vast majority of British bloggers earn less per month than the cost of a standard London taxi fare

It has been revealed in a new survey that around 95% of  bloggers are earn less than £10 a month, not even enough to cover a standard taxi fare in the capital. The results of the research  has just been unveiled by  ContentClick, specialists in blogging revenue. It also tells us that only a few percent of current British bloggers make over £100 per month.

Compiled by  Awesome Resources, the digital research specialists, probably the most surprise finding is that more than half of the thousands of bloggers in Britain are earning absolutely nothing from their blogs, despite the fact that 95% registered an interest in making something. It was also revealed that a mere 26% had installed the Adsense advertising platform from Google in order to make money from their blogs.
Other research findings show that despite the low monthly earnings, blog page views are high, with 42% of UK bloggers receiving between 10,000 and 30,000 page views a month. The top 5% of UK blogs receive between 30,000 and 50,000 page views a month.

Alex Attinger of ContentClick says: “the research shows whilst many bloggers write for the sheer passion of it, 95% would like to receive at least some money for their efforts. Bloggers, however, can be reticent to use ad platforms in case they spoil the appearance and feel of their blog, which is a major benefit of ContentClick – our sponsored content widget blends seamlessly into a blog’s existing look and feel.”

Attinger continues, “Blogging is not to be under-estimated for advertisers either. Each month tens of millions of pages are accessed by passionate readers yet many advertisers ignore the blogosphere completely, preferring to use established media that is cluttered with competitor advertising. It’s a missed opportunity and a key reason why we set up ContentClick – both to drive revenue for bloggers but also to provide a vastly untapped channel for advertisers.”

The research also shows that over 21% of UK bloggers are professional executives and entrepreneurs who use blogging as a means to inform readers of company developments and business trends. However, the vast majority of UK bloggers (61%) can best be described as ‘hobbyists’ who blog purely for enjoyment and fun.