Pennies Mart the Revolutionary Real-time News Marketplace

A lucrative moneymaking opportunity is set to take London by storm with the launch of the world’s first local information marketplace. Scheduled to go live in 2015, Pennies Mart offers news savvy internet users the chance to make money simply by selling information. From exclusive discounts and limited-edition offers to celebrity sightings and special events, the innovative enterprise lets everyday people turn valuable knowledge into cold hard cash. The company is currently offering business minded individuals a one off early bird opportunity to fund its Kickstarter campaign and be a part of the news revolution.

Khaled Elfeky Pennies Mart’s CEO said, “The internet has revolutionised the face of modern day communication yet when it comes to local news, the medium is severely underutilised. We identified a gap in the market for an online news marketplace and have filled it with the pioneering Pennies Mart. With just a few clicks of the mouse, everyday people can turn exclusive news scoops into a profitable source of income.”

To start using Pennies Mart, users simply visit the site at and register using their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. A PayPal account or credit/debit card is then requested for payments and transactions. After charging the balance with a minimum of £1, users are free to start selling and buying the hottest local information and news on the market. Placing information on the market is as easy as posting it onto the noticeboard and appealing to an audience of millions. Information can then be purchased via the website, resulting in infinite profits for the seller. Pennies Mart is based on a pay as you go system which means users only pay for what they need. This means no subscription fees, no sign up costs and no contract terminations.

What makes Pennies Mart truly unique is the fact that it can be used by any global resident, whether they’re located in London, Sydney, Tokyo or New York. It’s a news revelation that brings a whole new meaning to the concept of citizen journalism. The seller can set the price of their news from 1p to 99p, making a profit simply by sharing what they see during their day.  Users will be able to use the search parameter to find details of news and events which can’t be found on Google, Twitter or in printed press.  Search filters will include celebrities, topics, universities, public places of interest such as shopping centres and exact street locations.

Founded in 2014, Pennies Mart is the creation of a team success proven professionals with a vision to empower the public with the localised news. Six months after the launch of the London arm, Pennies Mart executives will set their sights on other major UK cities. This will be followed by New York and the rest of the US. In 2016, the ambitious enterprise will expand into Europe, China, Japan, Brazil and India, with the aim of rolling out complete global coverage by the end of 2018.

For a contribution of just £10, Kickstarter funders enjoy six months free access and the ability to browse, buy and sell interesting news for free and more rewards for more free access to special pages log in the campaign page and find out more

The chance to be part of the world’s first platform dedicated to buying and selling real time news is a one in a life time opportunity. Pennies Mart is expecting an influx of interest and is encouraging investors to book their pages before they get snapped up.

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