Passnote on the benefits of starting a business blog

Some  329 million people  around the world are currently reading blogs. A blog can play a pivotal role in shaping your thought process and re-energising your marketing strategy.

In fact, blogs can be one of the most powerful online business tools for any organisation. If managed correctly, a blog can provide deliver opinion to new audiences and allow deeper engagement with your brand.

As our latest  Passnote  explains, it’s all about finding your voice, sharing your vision and amplifying your message. From commenting on the latest news and developments that relate to your industry, to giving the reader an insight into the inner workings of your organisation, a blog can help build brand awareness and generate interest.

When we develop blogs for clients, we tailor them to suit the needs of each client. We ensure a business blog has an identity that invites readers to fully engage with its content, and we focus on issues relating to the specific business and industry.

Readers will without question switch off from a blog if it reads like a sales script. We place the needs of the audience at the forefront of each blog we work on and we strive to make content approachable, relevant and topical for readers.

Initially, web traffic will come to a blog to see what is on offer . But if a blog is to secure longer term engagement with its readers then high quliaty must be posted on a regular basis.

Finally, there is the matter of SEO. Blogs have been proven to act as a catalyst in reaching out to new audiences, and they should be an integral part of any SEO strategy.

It is down to an infusion of fresh content and keyword implementation into original and quality content. Indeed, there has never been a better time to blog and is something that you really ought to consider adding to your PR and marketing toolkit. It might be one of the easiest decisions you make this financial year.

Download the Passnote and find out more about the benefits of starting a business blog.