New agency specialising in infographics and visual data opens in nation’s capital

London based co-founders and experienced digital natives, Filip Greenwich and Wilf Horsfall this week launch VISU.AL, a forward looking infographic agency, with the intent of making data digestible, interactive and shareable.

Specialising in infographics and data visualisation, VISU.AL   takes all data sources and transforms them into visually engaging narratives that capture the attention and stimulate the mind. Simple, effective and designed to go viral, VISU.AL infographics are a must have tool for any organisation.

Filip Greenwich, co-founder said, “Why lose key messages and calls to action in lengthy reports and mundane tables when you can serve it up as an insightful, digestible, eye-catching infographic that’s guaranteed to make an impact? We like to think of them as appetizers so you can look forward to tucking in to the main course. Whether it’s for staff, stakeholders or customers, the biggest companies on the planet know the value of professional data visualisation. We’re here to help businesses of all sizes and sectors harness the power of infographics by transforming their data into a memorable medium that has a much higher rate of comprehension and is much more likely to be read”.

For businesses, the benefits of utilising infographic style images are extensive. According to VISU.AL, infographics are shown to have a comprehension rate of 95%, as opposed to plain text which rates at just 70%. The human sway towards images gives infographics an 80% higher chance of being read and absorbed than their plain text counterparts. Furthermore, an estimated 65% of the population are visual learners, while just 30% are verbal learners and 5% are experiential. Whether communicating with employees, consumers or clients, the use of infographics are proven to enhance the digestion of information and help viewers retain important statistics.

The market has seen a flood of infographics over the past few years and admittedly a fair portion of them have been sub-standard, relying on pretty pictures to draw in eyeballs, rather than conveying a story. The VISU.AL approach intends to capitalise on both the successes and failures seen so far.

Wilf Horsfall, co-founder said, “Infographics will continue to be support content marketing initiatives over the coming years- the foundations have now been laid and consumers anticipate more from them. Expect to see a lot more from us in the way of well researched, data driven, interactive and animated infographics.”

The VISU.AL team create bespoke infographics tailor made to fit individual needs. Whether a client wants existing data transposed into infographic format or has a concept requiring in-depth research and data collection, the in-house research, design and production teams are committed to delivering professional standard infographics that demand attention.

VISU.AL has already built itself an impressive portfolio of clients including Classic Car Club, OneLeap and UBrew. Every publication intends to be seeded, shared, tweeted, and discussed to cement the client’s status as a knowledgeable and forward thinking industry leader.

To find out more about VISU.AL and the benefits professional infographics could have for your business, visit the website at: