Jeff Bezos’ views on the future of Amazon

Jeff Bezos had weird ideas about the future of in the late 1990s when the company went public at a time when capital was aplenty and major Internet startups and investors pushed the price of’s share very high. Many people who knew Bezos called his ideas “fever dreams”. was already the largest internet bookstore at this time. However, Bezos still wanted to set out the company into the largest retailer worldwide.

In one of the fever dreams, Bezos hoped to be storing some products in homes and apartments where local bike manufacturers lived in major cities. This was meant to solve the last mile problem in logistics. The problem was how Amazon could deliver different products to customers without incurring huge shipping costs. Many employees didn’t understand how this could be solved since the company was already experiencing problems of theft within different warehouses. Leaving inventory in unmanned garages was out of question.

Amazon’s stock is also highly valued with its share price trading at an all time high of $400 per share at a time when capital is freely flowing in the high tech world. Bezos hasn’t stopped his fever dreams since 1990s. For instance, he hinted to CBS’s “60 minutes” show that the company will soon be investing in unmanned helicopters for delivering products within 30 minutes.

The interview went on to show a prototype of Octocopters would be doing deliveries. The video has so far received over 10 million YouTube views. Bezos certainly had another one of his fever dreams. This business model presents a host of technological, legal and cultural problems that all drones should follow before they can deliver any product in any location. It wouldn’t be business as usual seeing a drone hovering over a neighborhood simply to deliver some common products like a carton of milk. Bezos is still optimistic about this new idea.