Correct Social Media Strategies for 2014

The social media strategist Scott Dylan has urged all digital marketers to rethink their approach for 2014 and consider a range of new strategies and technologies as the year gets underway.

As part of his annual New Year’s resolutions statement, Dylan has pinpointed a range of key processes and initiatives set to be critical to success online in the next 12 months. Looking ahead to campaigns for summer and winter, he has outlined best practises, assets and approaches that all digital marketers can benefit from.

The first and one of the most important resolutions that digital marketers should consider for 2014 is that of visual content. Dylan points out that there is a growing trend of emerging social networks based on visual content and existing networks such as Pinterest and Instagram growing their user base year on year. With Vine and Snapchat slowly gathering pace and YouTube remaining all powerful, image, video and infographics and expected to rein supreme in 2014.

Mobile may have been a 2013 buzzword but, now is the time for marketers to get serious about the technology and resolve to do more to make websites and content assets mobile seamless according to Dylan. Having worked with a range of big brands and led social media and business development strategies for multinational firms, Dylan has seen mobile gather pace in the last few months with small through to large organisations beginning to realise that tablet and mobile devices hold the key to sales success in 2014. For those who haven’t yet investigated how websites can be made mobile friendly and how other marketing assets such as mobile coupons can be deployed, now is the time to dive in.

The mere mention of ‘Big Data’ has many scrambling for cover but, 2014 is the year of growth and opportunity for those who embrace the practice. Dylan expects that marketers who work with other stakeholders to access things like visual analytics and KPI reporting will be the ones that make their online audience work for their brand.

He said, “Having easily accessible, accurate and up to the minute data at the fingertips is every marketers dream and Big Data makes it possible. Delving deep into web site user statistics, click through and open rates may take some building up to, but the insights it presents will help to fine tune and optimise campaigns throughout the rest of the year. I’d encourage any marketer to get resolve to get their team on board, find a decent Big Data management solution and get busy understanding the resulting business insights. The advantages will be felt across social media marketing, website development, content management and online advertising.”

Finally, the digital marketing consultant suggest that more online marketers resolve to move away from a numbers only approach to social media and instead focus on developing the right kind of audience. Rather than looking for as many followers as possible, this means focusing on developing relationships with social media users that are actually relevant to the brand. These relationships are the ones that are most likely to develop into brand ambassador status, promote engagement and lead to activities such as increased retweets, more valuable shares and likes.
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