BT Deal to bring Sky Movies to their BT TV Subscribers

Sky Movies will soon be available on BT following a deal between Argo and BT, a move that will allow people subscribed to BT TV to watch over 700 Hollywood films through monthly subscriptions. This follows BT’s strategy to venture into home entertainment.

The latest developments have also been viewed as a way to ease tensions that were previously rising between BT and British Sky Broadcasting because each of them had previously tried to increase its football audience. Just like many other telcos that have ventured into four markets, internet, mobile, television and home phone lines, BT has joined the bandwagon.

According to a complaint filed by BT to Ofcom, Sky TVs dominance has made it difficult for new entrants in the pay TV film market. For instance, it has signed numerous exclusive first run rights for many of the blockbusters making it impossible for small players to have a share in the market. Such complains were however rejected by Ofcom explaining that this dominance has not thwarted the efforts of other players to join

For a one month subscription, BT customers should expect to watch movies from eleven Sky Movies channels. People can also stream the films online or pay per view. You can also subscribe for a family favourites set of films containing 200 flicks, which you can watch whenever you want. However, the latest films can only be accessed through paid subscription.

BT has not yet developed a platform for streaming films through smartphones and tablets unlike Sky, whose customers are already experiencing such benefits. The value of BT’s deal has however not been disclosed.

BT hopes to start broadcasting Sky sports through YouView set-top boxes as part of its strategy to tap the large sports audience. However, these boxes will not be able to transmit the 11 channels unless BT offers its BT sport channels to Sky in a wholesale package.