£11.4billion Discounts missed by confused Over 50’s

Alarming research out today has revealed that the majority of over 50s are confused by discount vouchers or cash back offers worth a staggering £11.4 billion*.

The research by Silversurfers.com, the over 50s online community, lifestyle website and social network, found that 62% of those surveyed had never used an online discount voucher or cashback offer and worryingly they didn’t know where they would find one.

These findings are concerning given that the research also revealed that an estimated 2.4m** UK residents over 50 – who are retired – have minimal savings for their later years.

The over 50s are also somewhat mistrusting of supermarket multi-buys with 61% saying they double check offers in shops to make sure they really do offer better value.

Martin Lock, CEO of Silversurfers.com, said: “The over 50s are clearly feeling very cautious about discount offers with many seeming too confusing to use or even trust them. At Silversurfers.com we offer this age group a trusted and reliable ‘single solution’ for discounts and deals – and with this we launched the Silvercard+ which offers the over 50s access to exclusive offers and deals from retailers, travel companies, airlines, hotels, technology and entertainment companies.”

The Silvercard+ is the only UK discount card for the over 50s and offers straightforward discounts from trusted brands such as the RAC, Virgin Wines, Cunard, P&O, ATG Tickets, Samsung and Cotswold Outdoors to name but a few.